10 year old EPEX sails - still going strong

elvstrøm sails epex 10 years

Here captured in the Shetland Race 2019 on Victory 42. Perfect view of a perfect shape and the Shetland Islands. 

As sailmakers we of course very often show brand new sails, but now let´s have a look at a 10 year old sail wardrobe. That still looks and performs fantastic.

Karl Otto Book from Elvstrøm Sails participated in the Shetland Race 2019; "After finishing this years Shetland race, let me show you a sail, that never seem to wear out! The EMS max mainsail was delivered in 2009 and has sailed 2-3000NM every year since, including tough races and a lot of cruising. The boat is a Victory 42 with Mast Head furling mast from Selden.

The picture shows a “new shape” with absolutely no signs of weakness, proving that EPEX is extremely durable!

The first leg of the race, which was more or less 200 nm upwind, was won overall by Amaryllis, a Beneteau First 40.7 fully equipped with EPEX sails. There were severa other class winners with Elvstrøm sails! Congrats to all of you!

Perfect shape after 10 years of use!

How does an EPEX sail work 10 years on?

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