Christophe Declercq and his companion, Lecas

Christophe Declercq who owns a Contessa 32 was the very first customer to Elvstrøm Sails Benelux.

Sailing is freedom

The Contessa 32, Lecas has been his old but restored companion for the last 15 years, and before that Christophe owned several boats from Folkboat to Waarschip, Sigma 38.  Christophe, who is an ex sea scout has sailed for more than 35 years.

“To me sailing is freedom. It´s an escape from the daily life and besides racing, something I also enjoy together with my wife, Barbara. When we go sailing, she is the navigator.” “This racing season, 2020 is of course very odd, with the corona virus and all the restrictions. Our first real regatta so far will be Breskens sailing weekend end of August. Cross our fingers in all aspects!”

A strong cooperation

Christophe got acquainted with Elvstrøm Sails through the Benelux dealer, Maxim Van Pelt, and has since then had a close cooperation with Maxim. And still has.

“To me the knowledge of a sail maker is vital. Getting the right advice is essential and then of course the service. When it comes to service I am impressed with the level I meet at Elvstrøm Sails Benelux from Maxim.”

Lecas is today equipped with a full set of cruising as well as racing sails with the crown. And Maxim from Elvstrøm Sails Benelux has had the chance to join the Lecas team on more occasions. “The highlight in our regatta history is no doubt the Fastnet 2017. Being such an iconic race, it was quite an experience. Another highlight was when we achieved a second place during the Nationals Contessa 32. Maxim joined us in that race as well, and having an experienced guy like him on board is of course a great help."

Team Elvstrøm Sails wish Team Lecas fair winds, when the race season finally sets in. And until then enjoy some good hours on the water, crusing.

Contessa 32 sailing using Elvstrøm sails