Tips and tricks for balancing your boat

William Friis-Møller is one of the passionate sailors at Elvstrøm Sails. Now William is about to enjoy his retirement, exploring the world at sea of course. Here´s a few reminders from William, before he takes off:

During his time with Elvstrøm Sails, William has given many good speeches on trimming and getting the most out of your boat. Let´s talk about balance.

“Trimming your boat is individual and a very dynamic task. It is relative to the water conditions, your experience and your equipment. When buying a house, the 3 most important factors are location, location and location. When sailing there also 3 essential factors, which are balance, balance and balance, if you ask me. To achieve balance in the boat you need to work with tension of stays, angle of spreaders, keel, rudder, heeling, pressure, open leaches etc. These are all trimming factors and almost all factors influence the balance of the boat.  

Thus, trimming is the base for achieving a good balance. Remember, it is not man/woman who sails – it´s the boat! Your task is to balance the boat - and let the boat sail under supervision and control. Balance in the boat is normally established, when the boat is loose and willing to go where you guide it to go. Steering with two fingers. Utilizing your level of experience.”

5 ways to keep the balance upwind,
avoiding too much pressure on the helm

#1 reduce the heel, #2 ease the mainsail, #3 flatten the mainsail, #4 ease the traveller, #5 sheet headsail on tighter  

Tricks from William Friis Møller

Keep the balance in heavy weather helm, when reaching

#1 bring pole back and lower, #2 bear off a few degrees prior to the gust hitting, #3 ease the vang, #4 ease mainsail

balance tips from William

Balance with correct weather helm = your boat is quick

#1 your main is max eased, #2 your boat heels at max 20°, #3 a little windward heel is good on the dead run

3D Model - tricks from the pros

Thank you, William for your reminders and your contribution to Elvstrøm Sails throughout many years. And your good spirits. We wish you fair winds. And stay in touch.
Team Elvstrøm Sails


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