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Cooperations with boatyards has had a big impact on Elvstrøm Sails over the years. And one of our earliest cooperators was Quorning Boats, with whom we have worked for many years.

For Quorning Boats, the big turning point towards the Dragonfly trimarans we all know today, was the Dragonfly 800.

We joined CEO and owner Jens Quorning for a chat about his long history with Elvstrøm Sails - and to discuss what difference it has made in their progress and development of the trimarans. The key is that trimarans are very dependent on the sail design and rigging, which has been ever important since the first Dragonfly trimaran left the yard in Fredericia, Denmark.

Paul's last boat

We also talked about the Dragonfly 800, which for a number of reasons became a very important model. Not only for Quorning Boats, but certainly also for our founder, Paul Elvstrøm.

Elvstrøm was among the first buyers for the then new 800, and not only did the 800 named Bes become Paul Elvstrøm's last boat - it also provided many insights and new techniques through Paul Elvstrøm's passion for fine tuning and refining.