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We are ready to start the new year on the biggest stage of them all - Boot is back in Düsseldorf! On January 20-28th, we are ready to show you all the latest in the world of Elvstrøm Sails at our usual spot.

Once again, we're at Hall 10 F18 with what will be our biggest ever stand at Boot. And adding to it, we have also expanded with a neighbour stand at Hall 10 E12 where Elvstrøm SailWear is going to have its big show premiere.


Introducing XYLO

Expanded stand area and SailWear are not our only items of news at the 2024 edition of Boot. It is also the premiere of the latest addition to the Elvstrøm Sails family; XYLO.

We are thrilled to offer you our latest sail innovation, XYLO. XYLO is developed with performance and endurance sailing in mind.

With XYLO we introduce a spread-filament tape layout. The XYLO distinction derives from exactly the structure of the filament that is laid out to give you optimum strength in all directions. The fiber coverage of the sail is optimized to the full leaving you with an extremely strong and stable sail. The flat multi directional filament is laid out in a straight direction supporting the natural force of the sail.

You can dive into the new world of XYLO here - and you can of course see the real deal on our demonstrator rig in Düsseldorf. See you there!


Celebrating 70 years - what are your memories with Paul Elvstrøm?

2024 is not only a new year - it is also an anniversary year for Elvstrøm Sails. Founded in 1954, we're turning 70 this year.

To celebrate, we will mark the occasion with plenty of stories from the last 70 decades as this year progresses - but we also have an idea we would like all our followers to help us out with.

We would like to build a wall of fame - a wall of all of your personal memories of Paul Elvstrøm from years gone by. It will be possible to contribute live at Boot - and from the opening day at Boot, it will also be possible via our Facebook.

Your stories are key - and we would love to hear them!