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Elvstrøm Sails launched the eXRP EKKO Laminate in 2021, and since then, it has become a choice favored by our customers - more than 80% of all laminate sails we sell today are the EKKO option. 

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The customer verdict

The eXRP is an excellent choice for many different applications. One sailor who opted for Elvstrøm Sails and the EKKO Option when deciding on new sails is Emil Petersen, based in the marina in Vejle, Denmark. 

Petersen needed a new set of sails for his Two Star 36, and joined forces with Jacob Jonsen at Elvstrøm Sails Syd to find the right setup. He ended up with a new main and selftacking jib in eXRP 13.

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Emil Petersen's Two Star 36 running eXRP 13 main and jib.

Just over a season on, he's ready to deliver his verdict:
- I have used the eXRP for just over a season now, and it has been great from the get-go. I am relatively new to sailing with this being my second ever boat, and it was also the first time buying a new set of sails for me. I must say it has been a perfect experience throughout, Emil Petersen says. He adds:

- The environmental aspect of the sails played its part in my decision as well. We do try to make our everyday life more organic and so on. So for us, it sealed the deal to opt for a type of sail which features recycled materials to this extent - to me, it's not a lot different than buying organic food in the supermarket, except that you don't buy new sails every week of course. It is super cool that it is even possible to produce sails like these, Emil ends.