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    It´s time to move on and live out the dream! You are in for the big journey. In your adventure there is no room for sail troubles even after thousands of miles. You need sails that last and are easy to handle, even shorthanded. Live it out! Sail away with confidence in design and solutions that don´t let you down.

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  • Code Zero laminate with high-density fiber luff

Solano Cable-free Code Zero 65 % - CZ laminate with high density fiber luff

The cable-free code zero made in a trioptimal layout from a code zero laminate with a high-density fiber luff, that makes up for the cable. This is truly a sail that makes a difference especially in lower winds. The sail goes significantly deeper than a conventional code zero with cable, due to the positive luff.  And not to forget very easy to roll and use, perfect for single-hand and cruising.

Solano code sails

Other Downwindsails

If the above product example is not what you are looking for, check out all the other downwind sails in our SOLANO, Blue Water Adventure segment.

  • Light Spinnaker
  • Heavy Spinnaker
  • Furlstrøm
  • Furlstrøm XL
  • Gennaker
  • Light Spinnaker

    Light Spinnaker

    The light Cruising Spinnaker is an all-round spinnaker with less leech and foot roach, to make the sail more stable (easy sailing).

    Can be used at angles from 120-170° TWA. Perfect together with our Spisock ( Snuffer) for easy and safe handling.

    TWA: 120-170°
    TWS: 4-24 kn
  • Heavy Spinnaker

    Heavy Spinnaker

    The heavy Cruising Spinnaker is like the light spinnaker. Can however be used in more wind.

    Can be used at angles from 115-175° TWA. Perfect together with our Spisock (Snuffer) for easy and safe handling.

    TWA: 115-175°
    TWS: 15-32 kn
  • Furlstrøm


    Furlstrøm is probably the most easy to handle downwind sail you will ever find. The hoisting, unfurling and furling is made extremely easy due to the built in cabling in the luff.

    The sail was made to add some power to the boat when sailing at angles when the jib is no longer helping the performance much. You would use it in lighter conditions at angles from 70° TWA. With medium breeze you can sail as deep as 140° TWA with the sail.

    TWA: 70-140°
    TWS: 5-25 kn
  • Furlstrøm XL

    Furlstrøm XL

    The Furlstrøm XL is a Gennaker that furl s around a loose anti-torsion cable. It furls from the top and down.

    It can be used at the same angles as the cruising gennaker 130-165° TWA. It has a smaller head angle for better furling.

    TWA: 130-165°
    TWS: 10-24 kn
  • Gennaker


    The Cruising Gennaker is close to the A2 but with less roach in luff and leech, to make the sail more stable (easy sailing).

    Can be used at angles from 130-165° TWA. Perfect together with our Spisock (Snuffer) for easy and safe handling.

    TWA: 130-165°
    TWS: 4-24 kn

Solano Downwind
Wind angles are subject to the actual boat type, weight and stability.


Ever tried designing your own spinnaker or gennaker? Well, here's your chance!

Simply select boat size, sail purpose and sail type and you are all set to colour your own symmetric or assymetric downwind sail! Once you are done and happy with the result save it by sending the layout by e-mail or request a quote. The number of panels varies according to the size of your sail and the colours in your computer layout may may differ slightly from the "real life" spinnaker colours.


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