New 2017

Launch of a new all black EPEX GPR racing sails at the coming Boat Shows. New for the racing yacht market at the coming boat shows is our EPEX GPR (Grand Prix Racing) a striking, lightweight, black laminate sail fabric. 

As well as looking stunning, EPEX GPR is designed for high end clubracing and grand prix racing, delivering extremely stable sail shapes for maximum performance.  The laminate membrane is made with a super lightweight black EPEX film together with a single internal layer of a Liteskin. The EPEX film coupled with the Liteskin internal membrane increases the flex life of the sail without adding weight.   

The integral black Technora yarns used in the layout are a low stretch fibre that improves overall form stability.  A complex EPEX layout is used, incorporating increased cross-ply fibres to ensure an extremely stable sail shape, for enhanced durability and racing life.

With a smooth, homogenous finish, which is soft to touch, plus batten pockets that have been discreetly integrated into the sail laminate to create an uninterrupted wind flow and aerodynamic profile.

Mainsails feature innovative light weight external low friction rings, which help to reduce the folds in the sails when reefing and protect the membrane from wear.

EPEX GPR construction suits Grand Prix Racing yachts of up to 50 feet and is ideal as main sail and light jib up to 12 knots TWS and medium jib up to 18 knots TWS.

Flemming Christensen, R&D manager at Elvstrøm Sails: “EPEX GPR is a great innovation from Elvstrøm Sails and one of the most extreme developments for high performance racing in recent years. The fabric is incredibly light, and yet incredibly stable and strong.  You have to touch it and feel it to believe it. And still EPEX is the only membrane to have an extended Guarantee against delamination."


EPEX GPR is our new high performance sail series for racing