New product - EPEX nanno

The new EPEX nanno takes modern sailing into the 21st century. Advanced technology creates a strong and light structure with a minimum of layers. This is the choice of sail for the connoisseur sailor that is looking for an advanced yet easy to handle, durable hybrid performance sail.

The EPEX nanno performance sail is bringing together cutting-edge material science and production technology to create an ultra-light yet durable sail that provides the club racing champions and the demanding cruising sailor with a new set of soft and smooth alternatives.

EPEX nanno structure

The EPEX nanno structure combines our second to none Vacuum Infusion Technology with state-of-the-art composite material science.  With the new generation of flat carbon fibres and integrated carbon filament reinforcements the EPEX nanno features a lighter and thinner core structure, with no compromise on stretch and shape. The membrane is significantly lighter than the lightest taffeta membrane. The polyester surface provides general tear and wear protection, resulting in a more durable sail than typical racing membranes with no outer protection.

Dragonfly tested

The EPEX nanno has been developed and tested in close cooperation with Quorning Boats.


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