Try your sail ideas in 3D with the new Elvstrøm Sails configurator

The decision-making process of buying a new sail or indeed a new wardrobe always takes a bit of consideration. And perhaps more importantly - how can the finished product be expected to look?

We would like to present the all-new 3D Elvstrøm Sails Configurator. This allows you to preview your ideas and colour combinations – in short, it’s your big chance to try out designs and combinations in 3D for both mono- and multihull applications, ranging from 20 feet and up.

This makes it easier than ever for you to preview your ideas for the sails. The designs are also made shareable so you can share the design with your friends and fellow sailors.

New options for you as a customer

The new Elvstrøm Sails Configurator is a direct look at our current programme, which is continuously updated with materials, colours and more.

It is also a new way in for you as a customer, as the configurator is integrated in the rest of Elvstrøm Sails, thus making your desired configuration a great start and talking point for further advice from our experts when we fine tune your ideas to your particular boat type and sailing adventure at your local Elvstrøm SailPoint.

Elvstrøm Sails Sail Configurator