European Yacht of the Year 2021 - with lot´s of Elvstrøm power

Usually new yachts are being awarded during the International boot Düsseldorf. But since usual is non-existing for the time being, the announcement of this year´s winner took place digitally on YouTube on January 22nd 2021.

12 magazines from all over Europe make up the jury. And editors and test experts come together to test and eventually nominate the candidates in the 5 classes; Family Cruiser, Performance Cruiser, Luxury Cruiser, Special Yacht and Blue Water Cruiser.

"At Elvstrøm Sails we of course follow this nomination with excitement, being the official sail maker to so many European top brands. Last year Danish X-Yachts won the Performance Cruiser category with their X 4.0, and this year we knew that many of our very close partners were nominated. And among this year´s winner, 4 out of 5 yachts were powered by Elvstrøm Sails. We feel proud and privileged to work that closely with leading boat builders", says Niels Bjerregaard, CEO at Elvstrøm Sails congratulating all the winners and the nominees that have all made a huge effort.

A special applause from Team Elvstrøm Sails to the 4 Elvstrøm sails powered winners:

Family Cruiser | Congrats to the Bavaria C42

Photo credit: Nico Krauss


Performance Cruiser | Congrats to the Dragonfly 40

Photo credit: Klaus Andrews


Special Yacht | Congrats to Saffier SE27 Leisure

Photo credit: Saffier Yachst


Blue Water Cruiser | Congrats to Boréal 47.2

Photo credit: Boréal